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User Policy

Politics Punjab is a newly introduced Punjabi and English-language television channel that broadcasts news, cultural, educational, and entertaining programming for a wide range of consumers. Our mission is to not only provide up-to-date news to our viewers but also to foster healthy discussions and vibrant conversation on subjects that influence people's daily lives.

We are dedicated to Punjab's soul and tradition, providing authentic information on current events, news, and happenings throughout the world.

Punjab Politics would be steadfastly committed to the public good and democratic values. As our resources grow, we intend to establish ourselves as a platform based on good old-fashioned reporting on subjects of national and global relevance and interest, in addition to providing authoritative analysis and commentary. Experimenting with new media technology to change the way stories are told is also part of being online. Include statistics, interactive graphics, video, and audio as significant components of the narrative structure when appropriate.

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