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Privacy and policy

As a known rule, this site does not gather your Personal Information when you visit the website. You can normally visit the website without disclosing Personal Information unless you select to give such information.

If this website requests you to give personal information, you will be notified of the specific objectives for which the data is collected and satisfactory security steps will be taken to save your personal data.

We do not transfer any privately identifiable data volunteered from this website to any third party (public/private). Any information supplied to this Website will be saved from loss, mishandling, unauthorized access or disclosure, alteration, or demolition.


This site records your visit and logs the subsequent information for statistical objectives -your server’s address; the title of the upper-level domain from which you access the Internet like .in, .gov, .com, etc.; the browser you use; the date, time and duration you use the site; the pages you have used and the records downloaded and the earlier Internet address from which you tied directly to the site.

We will not recognise users or their browsing actions, except when a law enforcement agency may exercise a contract to review the service provider’s logs.


A cookie is a portion of software code that an internet website transmits to your browser when you access data at that site. This website does not use cookies.


Your email address will only be registered if you select to send a message. It will only be utilised for the objective for which you have supplied it and will not be counted to a mailing list. Your email address will not be utilised for any other goal, and will not be revealed, without your permission.


If you are requested for any other Personal Information you will be advised how it will be utilised if you select to share it. If at any moment you feel the principles directed to in this privacy information have not been followed, or have any other words on these regulations, please tell us.


The term “Personal Information” used in this privacy policy directs to any data from which your individuality is clear or can be well ascertained.

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